‘Light in the Darkest Corners’ Album Launch Oct 13th

Lorraine & The Borderlands are to launch their debut album in the oldest Concert venue in Scotland. Dating from 1763 St. Celilia’s is a beautiful oval shaped hall purpose built for musical performances.

To celebrate the album release, Lorraine will be performing with the full band along with performances by a contempory dance troop. The Borderlands include Nick Jenkins on fiddle, mandolin, viola, Jonee Duggan on accordion, Billy Hamilton on cello and Mat Clements on percussion.

As part of the event the Musical Museum will provide guests the opportunity to take a free guided tour of the Musical Museum prior to the concert. A tour will start at 4pm where you can discover how music is made and see fascinating and beautiful musical instruments going back 400 years. To book your place on a tour email lorraineandtheborderlands@gmail.com



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2 responses to “‘Light in the Darkest Corners’ Album Launch Oct 13th

  1. Currently listening to your album, and I have to say : I really loved it. Can’t wait until I got in CD in my mailbox.

    I’ve made a little article on my french speaking blog. I hope it will bring you some listeners or even fans 🙂


    Thanks again.

  2. Richard Gedye

    Just heard a track from “Light in the Darkest Corners” on the latest
    edition of Karen Miller’s “The Miller Tells Her Tale” podcast. It was
    one of those rare occasions where you hear the first line of the song
    – and the originality of the lyrics, the quality of the singer’s voice
    and the feeling embedded in the delivery make you stop what you are
    doing to give it your full attention. Later I went on to Spotify to
    see if the track Karen picked was a one off goody, discovered that all
    the tracks were fabulous, and have just ordered a copy of the CD from
    Amazon (although they say it’s currently out of stock).
    Any chance of a tour south of the border any time soon? I live in
    Winchester, so venues in Basingstoke, Winchester, or Southampton would
    be great for me.

    One other comment – I think whoever arranged the instrumental backing
    to the songs on your album should get a lot of credit. Clearly a lot
    of thought and care has been put into making the backing more than just
    a straightforward bed for the vocals. It’s interesting, neat, and nicely
    complementary to the lyrics and singing.

    All the best – if you have a news mailing list, do feel free to add me.


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