Belong…. to our music video

Lorraine & The Borderlands will perform at STEREO in Glasgow along with a team of Contemporary Dancers & music video screenings by Wake Up Advice and we will have the wonderful Megan Davidson for support.

This Gig is to support and celebrate the making of a Dance Video for the song ‘Belong from Lorraine & The Borderlands debut album.

The ‘Belong‘ Dance Video project is a collaboration between Lorraine McCauley & The Borderlands, 4 Contemporary Dancers and Wake Up Advice Video makers.

All money raised by this Gig in ticket sales & donations will go towards the costs of making the video.

So we welcome you to be our very own Modern Day Patron of the Arts, not only will you get a Live Music Gig with Dance performances and Video screenings but you will also support the making of the ‘Belong‘ Dance Video to boot.

If you can’t make the Gig but would like to support the making of the video please choose the Belong Video Donation Button and your name can be added to our Video credits on request (

Many thanks and please spread the word,

Lorraine & The Borderlands


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